$1.25 Million. Northern Stage. Women in Theater

I loved hearing, and writing about, this great news. A grant to support women in regional theater. Brava, Carol Dunne!




More writing . . .The Woven Tale Press

Status update–My life as a writer. I am happy to announce that I am now an art correspondent for The Woven Tale Press. Still continuing my blog ArtfulEdge on the DailyUV.com and freelancing for some other arts magazines.  A nonfiction poem, And I Cannot Bear to Think About the Books, will appear soon in Persimmon Tree.(Pardon if duplicate, previous post disappeared on Linked In and Twitter).


$250,000 Grant Awarded To Northern Stage’s Carol Dunne

Carol Dunne and Northern Stage have made our lives better. Read about her award from the Pussycat Foundation in my latest post. And God bless Helen Gurley Brown.