Thank you, Kurt Vonnegut (again)

I am happy to announce that a post that originally appeared on this very blog has been published by Woven Tale Press, an online magazine that selects and features writing and other art from the net. You can see it again–with new author photo–by clicking on the above link. image

Bookstock: Readers and Writers and Poets, Oh My!


My latest post for The Upper on Bookstock in Woodstock. Go!

I spent a lovely morning at my first writers’ workshop there today. Will blog more about that in the near future. Writing–what an adventure.

Writer, paid


I have published many pieces for no payment.  In this business of writing, I am proud to say that here is the first payment I have received for my creative writing, for The Power of (Muscle) Memory, Vine Leaves  Literary Journal, p. 25.  Payment for a second piece, somewhat larger but still modest, is en route; it will never be as sweet as this one. The amount doesn’t matter; the fact of payment is encouraging.  Still, I tend to prefer readers to dollars. Great good luck, that.