2016: Resolve Not

new-years-eve-1103802_960_720Happy new year!  My latest for Artful Edge on why I am resolving not. You can find it by clicking below:



5 thoughts on “2016: Resolve Not

  1. Love it! Especially the part about endless self-improvement. It’s so exhausting. Does that mean, however, that now we have to give up wanting our husbands to improve…..? ~Amy

      • I enjoyed your article, Susan–it was thought provoking and causes me to think about all that I have and keep putting on my plate, and how it just results in guilt when I can’t get to it all. Worse, I leave important things by the wayside while I’m fluttering around with non-essentials. I do like the idea of setting intentions, though, but that’s more focused and more well reasoned than, I believe, are resolutions. Good to read you! Thanks!

  2. Maybe resolving to stop the self-improvement is the person’s own job so it’s up our husbands to take that on, not us!

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