Being Mortal To Screen at DHMC

Upper Valley people in particular. AT DHMC THIS WEEK. This is a great film about end of life decision-making by Boston physician Atul Gawande. Jeff Shields, former dean of Vermont Law School, and his wife Genie Shields are included in this film.


When I Grow Up, I Want to Be a Painter Too

Here is my latest review of a very moving exhibition at the AVA Gallery, just published at Delicious Line. As a child who dreamed of being a writer, I can relate. Here is the link:

Monet & Me s copy


Re: Twitter–Mustn’t Grumble

I don’t tweet. But I discovered a professor who not only welcomes it, he has conducted entire classes through Twitter. He is offering a course at the AVA GALLERY called The Interactive Voice. Here is the link to some of my thoughts about it all.