Vermont’s Cartoonist Laureate: Alison Bechdel

And yes, Vermont is the only state with a Cartoonist Laureate. Read about her here. Link is below:



Woodstock author Mimi Baird and Brad Pitt’s Production Company

I have the great good fortune to know Mimi Baird, who wrote a fabulous book, He Wanted The Moon, about her father, Perry Baird. The book was so compelling that Brad Pitt’s production company, Plan B, optioned it for the big screen. Tony Kushner is writing the screenplay. Here is the latest:


Hollywood. Art. Windsor VT

The work of local artist Cindy Griffith will soon star in a film along with actor/producer Angelica Huston.  For now, the original can be found hanging on the wall of Arabella Gallery in Windsor VT.  You can read about it here:


Brad Pitt Options Book; Mimi Baird To Speak At DHMC

I read constantly.  This book is one that I will never forget:  Woodstock VT author Mimi Baird’s “He Wanted The Moon,” recently optioned by Brad Pitt, Tony Kushner to write the screenplay.  You can read about it here:


Say Sabra, Field

My final piece for the Upper re: the Film Festival, on the legendary Sabra Field.


We learned much in my stint as guest blogger ( a big thank you to the Festival for the press passes) at the New Filmmakers Festival. It is difficult to get a film made; Kickstarter and other forms of crowd sourcing are making that easier and are a new means of support for artists. There is a lot of bad acting in some indie films as the artists must rely on friends and family. (Now I am hoping to be one of those actors. To paraphrase Dorothy Parker, “I think I’d be darling at it.”). Successful people need and want to share what they’ve learned. Jay Craven is a whirlwind. The Middlebury Inn is charming, and so old that it has an elevator from 1926 that requires a human operator! Vermont is an outstandingly beautiful place filled with interesting people. But we knew that. . .