Woodstock author Mimi Baird and Brad Pitt’s Production Company

I have the great good fortune to know Mimi Baird, who wrote a fabulous book, He Wanted The Moon, about her father, Perry Baird. The book was so compelling that Brad Pitt’s production company, Plan B, optioned it for the big screen. Tony Kushner is writing the screenplay. Here is the latest:





Metamorphosis, a short memoir of my dad and me at Pittsburgh’s Carnegie Library, just published by the Fredericksburg Literary and Art Review. (Sorry for the tiny print.  I suggest reading on an iPad so you can easily enlarge.). Metamorphosis appears on page 200, see lower corner of the image for page number. See link below this highly nostalgic map.


‘Bout Time You Got Home

“‘Bout time you got home.” My mother to her sister, the rotary phone’s receiver squeezed in a vice of ear and hunched shoulder, probably a dish towel in her hand. . .”

My flash non-fiction, ‘Bout Time You Got Home, has just been published by Bloodroot Literary Magazine.


You can find it here. My piece is on p. 42, almost at the end.


A short memoir about my dad and me at Pittsburgh’s Carnegie Library will be published soon by the Fredericksburg Literary and Art Review.

Thank you for reading!

The Power of (Muscle) Memory: Best of Vine Leaves

Good news this morning! My flash non-fiction, The Power of (Muscle) Memory, originally published last year by Vine Leaves Literary Journal, has been selected for a special annual publication, Best of Vine Leaves 2015.


You can find the original here, alas, still have to scroll to p. 25.

The Power of (Muscle) Memory: Published

Sitting on a bench with him in Bryant Park, I reached for my hair.

I am pleased to announce that The Power of (Muscle) Memory has just been published by Vine Leaves Literary Journal, and is featured in the introduction to the issue, #14. The above hyperlink should take you there. My flash nonfiction piece appears on page 25. Thank you for reading.

Update: new link, apparently, is this: