Only Yesterday: Beatles as Motherless Boys

At Northern Stage, it’s 1964. Here is my latest review of Only Yesterday. It will introduce you to a Lennon and McCartney you didn’t know.

Photo Credit: Rob Strong

More writing . . .The Woven Tale Press

Status update–My life as a writer. I am happy to announce that I am now an art correspondent for The Woven Tale Press. Still continuing my blog ArtfulEdge on the and freelancing for some other arts magazines.  A nonfiction poem, And I Cannot Bear to Think About the Books, will appear soon in Persimmon Tree.(Pardon if duplicate, previous post disappeared on Linked In and Twitter).


To Tell The Truth: A Night At The Theaters

Depending  on when you are reading this, you might be able to catch the Sunday matinee of Northern Stage’s New Works Now. Here is a review of  She Exits, Laughing, and of Runway Lounge, the pop-up 10-minute comedy of Thirsty Theater: