Scary Home: Julie Blackmon at the Hood Museum

The fun of this job is not just the writing, but meeting the artists. My conversation  with Julie Blackmon was as interesting as her photographs. Please read and share.




Soulier Shines at the Hood Downtown

Finally. Laetitia Soulier’s work comprises the first exhibition at the brand new Hood Downtown in Hanover NH. You will want to see it, but get a sneak peak first by clicking on the link below:


Art Is What We Do–Living in the Upper Valley

I find it peculiar when people think that there is nothing to do. You should have seen the crowd on the Maffei Plaza last night, all manner of kids and dogs included, to see Bandaloop use the vertical planes of buildings as dance floors. Read about it, and what else there is to do in the Upper Valley, here:


The Hood Can’t Go Dark: John Stomberg

The Hood Museum has closed.  What’s a museum (and its director) to do?  Read about my conversation with John Stomberg, Director of the Hood Museum of Art, at my blog, ArtfulEdge, by clicking here: